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They were called successively 

Iron, Aluminun, 

Lead, Silicon, Copper,  

Tin, Nickel, Barium… 

Thousands, millions of chips, metals, plastics burned on the African coast. kilometers of waste in a Chinese river. millions of young people suffering the residue of work and depression sion of capital. The earth has formed during millions of years the materials with which today our smartphones are made up and computers. Technological history is crite with the epithelia of the earth, a body living being of which we are only its passers-by. The "anthropobscene" leaves us behind these new materials from the point of view human. The work talks about the mother herself. materiality of it, on the materials that make up the computer with which it was made and the smartphone from which it is played EC. He talks about mental spending, about materiality psychological and physical.



Captura de pantalla 2022-03-24 a las 19.06.32.png

they were called... was exhibited on March 19 at Octogon laboratories in collaboration with the collective "Volumen"

Performance by Paula Robles Alejo and Levichul0

Representation of the work in "octogon"
360º video.


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