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01 feb 2022
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Getting a job is a task that requires energy, patience, strategy and endurance. As we know that this is one of the great challenges that we have in our lives, we decided to create this content to help you. At first, we thought of a video with valuable tips on the subject, but later we saw that you deserve to choose between the video or its text. Choose what seems best to you! Post whatsapp mobile number list index Menu Index Reasons to look for work Tip 1: Approach the job search as a job Tip 2: Define your goals with the new job Tip 3: Establish the fundamental characteristics of the job Tip 4: Develop your network of contacts Tip 5: Update your skills and knowledge Tip 6: Build your personal brand Tip 7: Prepare for the interview Tip 8: Trust yourself Back to index Transcription Hello! Welcome to this new Hotmart Tips. Today we are going to know the keys to look for a job and not die trying. Reasons to look for work There are many reasons why a person begins an active job search… Which of these situations do you identify with? You are looking for a first job that allows you to gain experience. You have time without working and you want to rejoin the labor market. You want to change profession. You need to find a second job to increase your income… Whatever the reason for your search, this Hotmart Tips is for you! But before continuing, do not forget to subscribe to our channel. And now yes, we start with the Hotmart Tips to look for a job… There are 8 tips that you cannot miss… Let's get to work! Tip 1: Approach the job search as a job First of all, we must assume that looking for a job is something that requires a lot of effort. As well as discipline, organization and patience. Imagine going out to deliver resumes to dozens of companies and finally attending only a couple of interviews. Or worse yet... that your resume stays in the hands of some receptionist and never reaches the right person. This can be really exhausting and frustrating. But don't get overwhelmed, because once you plan and draw up a plan, the job search race will be much more bearable and successful. Tip 2: Define your goals with the new job Define your goals with the new job. Do you know exactly why you want to look for a job? To carry out an effective search it is necessary to know what your needs are and what your objective is.


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